Thursday, January 31, 2008

I often wonder what I ever did with all my free time before I had Sydney and now that I have Ashton too I think that I must have been incredibly lazy or at least very well rested before the kiddos came along. I go nonstop all day entertaining a very active two year old and looking after little buddy, who feels the need to eat every two hours on the dot. But as crazy busy as it sometimes seems, I feel happier now more then ever. Though every day is filled with dirty diapers, spit up, snotty noses, tantrums, and more dirty diapers, not to mention the endless cleaning of the house, it is also filled with tons of hugs and kisses and sweet baby smiles. It's filled with stories and singing and dress up and playing. And some days if I'm incredibly lucky I might even get a second to rest.