Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Hepworths

Opening a present from Aunt Lori and Uncle Kevin.

Sydney with Lori and Kevin. She loved her present!

Sydney loves Sleeping Beauty. She was soooo excited when she opened this present from Aunt Lori and Uncle Kevin.

Ashton in his new PJ's from his Grandma Penny. He was so cute in them!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Grandma Warren

My Grandma passed away this morning. We have been expecting her to pass because she had been so frail lately and the anniversary of my Grandpa's death is coming up next week. She told my aunt last week that she was ready to go be with my Grandpa. We were hoping that she would make it till Christmas because my Mom had reservations to go and see her, but she was ready to go. I always felt a special conncection to my Grandma maybe it was because I was given her middle name. I'll never forget all the times we visited my Grandparents in Arizona. Her yummy homemade apple butter and delicious apple pies. She taught me how to play Yahtzee and Rummikub. I'm sad that my children will never know her, but am so glad that we took pictures last year when we went out for my Grandpa's funeral.

Sydney had never met her before but she went right to her and gave her lots of hugs.

My Grandma and my mom.

My Grandma holding Ashton when he was only about a month old. She just loved him and thought he was the cutest little boy she'd ever seen. He was so tiny then.

Here's our whole family at my Grandpa's funeral.