Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lesson Learned

Everyday I am taught lessons by a two-year-old. They are often unexpected, but always very important to learn. Like, don't ever say that she can't open it by herself, she can. And don't ever say that she won't color on the walls, she will. She's two. So last Wednesday when I was busily cleaning up the house and collecting the trash to go to the street, who knew I'd be in for a very important lesson. I had finally got all the trash together and was ready to take it out. Ashton was asleep on the couch and so it was a perfect time to get it done. I told Syd to go to the window to watch me take the trash to the street. Sometimes she freaks out when I leave her inside alone. I opened the garage door and was taking the trash to the street when I heard a little noise. My eyes widened and I thought to myself, NO! See what I didn't tell you is that Sydney has recently learned how to lock the garage door, what she hasn't learned is how to unlock it. I ran up to the door and sure enough it was locked. First reaction, panic. I tried to remain calm because Sydney was totally freaking out. So I was locked out of my own house. A three month old and a two year old left inside, can we say panic? I tried to find something in the garage to open the door, but had no luck. Syd tried her hardest to unlock the door but had no success. The light bulb finally went off and I decided to try the back sliding door. Sydney DOES know how to unlock that one. So I went to the back door and after 15 minutes of coaxing, Sydney finally got the door open. It was freezing that day and had just started to snow. I was out in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Not too smart. I learned may lessons that day. Never trust a two-year-old. Never go outside underdressed. Keep a spare key. And teach Sydney to unlock the door. Never a dull moment with a two-year-old around. Can we say terrible-twos?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"I Went to the Park"

Everyday when Michael comes home from work he'll ask Sydney what she did that day. And everyday her response is the same, "I went to the park." Which is a complete fabrication since it has been so bitterly cold and snowy lately and we haven't visited the park in weeks. I worry about this a bit, will she grow up to be a very sneaky teenager who can tell some serious "stories" or maybe I shouldn't worry and she'll just grow up to be a very imaginative and creative writer. Time will tell, but for now we just get a kick out of listening to her tell us of her daily adventures to the park where she goes on the slide and swing everyday.